TTI Consultancy Ltd. As a Solution Partner “The Trade and
Investment Consulting”

Turkish Trade & Investment Consulyancy Ltd. (TTI Consultancy) is a leading trade & investment consulting firm that provides many resources for UK entrepreneurs and corporates who consider starting or operating a business in Turkey. TTI Consultancy is a leading Turkish corporate service provider which consists of several experts each concentrate in different areas of consulting business. The main objective of the company will be to help UK entrepreneurs and corporates start and operate a business in Turkey by providing all corporate services they need in a single point. TTI Consultancy provides company formation services to support your business and have a perfect start in Turkey. We will assist company to save significant amount of time and money with eliminate possible risks that company may face if complex procedures and deadlines are not followed strictly.

Every enterprise needs to have a local address in Turkey before company formation. One of the significant part of company formation procedure includes presentation of an office rent contract to relevant tax offices. This is where TTI Consultancy can help to provide a local office address in Istanbul,
Izmir or Ankara to any company in the UK. We offer companies the option to outsource accounting department either partially or completely depending on company’s needs. This option will be
alternative for you to form in house accounting department and invest in employee, computers and accounting software. This option will save the company money and we will ensure company minimize risks and maximize reliability in terms of local regulations. Our payroll outsourcing services lead the company to manage company’s payroll process according to inner requirements and Turkish tax and labor law. Employees’ taxes are withheld from their salaries according to rates specified by local regulations and reverse charge mechanism applies in employer side. In other words, employers are responsible to pay their employers’ income taxes and social security premiums to relevant government offices on behalf of their employees. TTI Consultancy also provides legal and special purpose audit and reporting services. These services are in accordance with international and local financial reporting standards.

Our clients by sectors;

  • Food & Drink Industries

  • Healthcare Sectors

  • Education Sector (foreign language intensive)

  • Automotive main and subsidiary industries

  • Transport, Maritime and Communications Sectors

  • Mining Sectors

  • Renewable Energy Sectors

  • Companies Operating within the Industrial Zones

  • Engineering Companies

  • Construction Companies

  • IT Companies

  • Medical Industry

  • Packaging Industry