Turkish market is very dynamic and enterprises continue their operations in a business environment that has fast-changing conditions. We can provide consulting services for corporate managements as they endeavour to adapt to this fast-changing conditions. Our aim is to enable managements to take the correct strategic decisions in compliance with local and international regulations by giving our services at the highest levels of global vision and local expertise. Turkish market’s high reputation and steady growth over years drive an Increase in M&A activities in Turkey. There were approximately 300 deals which total amount bigger than 10 Billion $ in 2017. This number exceeds 8 Billion $ in the first half of 2018. We ensure minimizing every risk and maximizing value in deals in Turkey which has slightly complex regulations in terms of M&A. In general manner the information provided is not exhaustive and as underlying legislation and regulations are subject to frequent changes- it is required that anyone considering doing business in Turkey or looking to the area as an opportunity for expansion should seek professional advice before making any business or investment decision.

Doing a business in other countries always been a difficult for foreign investors in terms of culture, legal regulations and find the right organization to work. Our main goal is to ensure any company doing business as efficient as possible. We assist British entrepreneurs to bypass very typical obstacles as they plan to start a new business.

Challenges of Doing Business in Turkey
Because of the Customs Union with the EU, UK companies do not experience the same obstacles they may face in other high growth markets. However, there are certain unique challenges when doing business in or with Turkey.
These include:

  • Regulatory issues,

  • Bureaucracy,

  • Sudden changes to legislation and regulations without warning and consultation,

  • A need to demonstrate a commitment to the market, either by having a visible presence in the country or building and maintaining strong relationships,

  • Necessity of regular market visits to fulfill Turkish requirement For British Companies looking for a Turkish supplier;

Turkey has an ultimate goal of reaching 500 billion USD of exports volume in 2023, the centenary anniversary of the Turkish Republic. In 2019, the total export volume has been 180.4 billion USD. Hence the Government targets 12% annual increase in exports each year during the next 10 years.
For British companies looking for new buyers in Turkey: Turkey’s imports from world amounted to 210.4 billion USD in 2019. The major import items for Turkey included oil, oil products, electrical equipment, mechanical appliances, optical instruments, iron and steel, and pharmaceutical products. With a population of nearly 80 million andcontinuously growing economy, Turkey offers several opportunities for exporters from all around the world. Turkey is known as an important destination for imported goods in many major countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy, France, and China. These figures represent a massive leap from the situation of about 20 years ago, which is in the interest of achieving the goal set by the Turkish government in 2023 to become among the top ten economically in the world.