As TTI Consultancy we help primarily British companies with the legal procedures regarding establishing a new company (Joint Stock, Limited Liability or other forms) or opening branch office & liaison offices in Turkey. Also, with the help of our experienced solution partners, we can help the company obtaining working permits in Turkey.

Turkey's current legal environment is extremely business-friendly for foreign investors. It can be established a business in Turkey irrespective of your nationality, or place of your residence. Besides, the new Turkish Commercial Code allows the establishment of joint stock companies and limited liability companies with only a single shareholder.

We provide full company formation and registration services:

  • Check and Reserve your company title,

  • Prepare tailor made Articles of Association according to your needs,

  • Prepare legal incorporation documents and petitions according to the local regulations and laws,

  • Register your company to Trade Registry and other fiscal authorities,

  • Assist you with opening your company’s bank accounts,

  • Pay legal and professional fees,

  • Present you in the inspection made by tax office to your registered office address after company formation.

Registered Office Address

TTI Consultancy’s registered address services include:

  • Provide registered address for your company in Turkey,

  • Mail and courier management services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide following services:

  • Consulting regarding your planned M&A,

  • Pre-acquisiton financial due diligence services,

  • Deal structuring services, Consulting and leading share transfer procedures. 

  • Consulting on better reporting processes.

Start-up Assistance

We offer following assistance services:


  • Business idea analysis,

  • Business plan preparation,

  • Marketing plan preparation,

  • Branding strategy,

  • Setting up business and information systems,

  • Finding office and commercial spaces appropriate to your business.

Accounting and Tax Services

We offer following services with our 14 years of experience:

  • Building accounting systems according to your company’s needs and local regulations,

  • Creating a new uniform chart of accounts in accordance of your business and reporting requirements,

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of periodical tax declarations,

  • Preparation of periodical social security declarations,

  • Preparation of personal tax declarations.

Payroll Outsourcing

  • Preparing and managing payrolls,

  • Making required payroll accounting entries,

  • Sending pay slips electronically to employees’ emails,

  • Calculating severance and notice payments in case of resignation or dismission,

  • Preparing required documents to be signed by employees in terms of resignation or dismission,

  • Preparing monthly social security declarations and accruals according to payrolls,

  • Making electronic submission to the social security institution’s information system in case of any terminations or new hires,

  • Preparing detailed employee cost analysis reports according to your company’s needs.

Audit and Reporting

Our service range is listed below:

  • Converting local financials to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and others,

  • Preparation of budgets and forecasts,

  • Management reporting,

  • Integration of accounting and reporting before M&A.

  • Consulting on better reporting processes.


Our comprehensive service range is as follows:

  • Performing financial check-up and drafting reports in accordance with findings,

  • Consulting on restructuring of companies,

  • Consulting on the Turkish and Social Security Law,

  • Consulting on investment incentives,

  • Consulting on local and international taxation.